Does your product work Internationally?

Yes it does! However, we only offer our main website in English at the current time. The PetzInfo QR I.D. Tag will work on any QR I.D. scanner application on any smartphone or tablet.
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What kind of warranty do you offer for your QR I.D. Tags?

All of our PetzInfo QR I.D. Tags come with a lifetime scan guarantee, we only ask that you cover the cost of the return shipping & state tax (if you reside in CA). Should your QR I.D. code become unusable fear not, we have you covered :). Follow the steps below to get your replacement QR I.D. Tag.

1) Take a picture of your damaged tag (Front & Back) and send it to -

2) Supply us with your name, email address and size (large or small) of your QR I.D. Tag.

3) When we receive your email we will send you, via return email, a discount code good enough to cover the cost of your replacement QR I.D. Tag. You will simply need to navigate to our shop (, pick out the new QR I.D. Tag & upon checkout simply add the discount code. Your tag should now be FREE, all that's left to do is cover the cost of the return shipping and you will be all set.

Can I pick out a different size tag & color if I need it to be replaced?

Yes you can, however please let us know when you send your initial email what size & color you would like your replacement QR I.D. Tag to be.

Do you cover normal wear and tear on your QR I.D. Tags?

Sorry :( we do not cover normal wear & tear on our QR I.D. Tags. However, should the QR I.D. code become unusable our lifetime scan guarantee applies. Normal wear & tear does includes scratches to the QR I.D. Tag from your pets every day activities

What can I do to protect my QR I.D. Tag from normal wear & tear?

There are a couple of things you can do in order to stop or slow down your QR I.D. Tag from becoming damaged:

1) Place your QR I.D. Tag on a separate key ring than your other metal tags. This will prevent the QR I.D. Tag from banging / clinging against other metal tags.

2) You can place our "Clear Scratch Protectors" on the front & back of your QR I.D. Tag. Since we saw that our QR I.D. Tags were getting damaged we went to work and engineered a clear adhesive sticker that would protect your QR I.D. Tag as much as possible. We call these our "Clear Scratch Protectors". If you own a QR I.D. Tag and do not currently have these, please send an email to - with your name, email & address and we will send you a couple FREE of charge. These Clear Scratch Protectors are included with all of our new QR I.D. Tags from our shop.


How do I scan a QR I.D. Tag?

A QR I.D. can be scanned by any smartphone or tablet. However, your smartphone or tablet will require a QR Code Scanner application to do so. Below are two applications that we recommend:

  1. The Unitag QR Code Scanner -
  2. The i-nigma Reader -
  • When scanning a QR I.D. code make sure you are in good lighting or make sure your flash is turned on when scanning.
  • You may download and use any QR code scanner that you wish, above are just the two that we feel work the best and have tested.

If you need further assistance we would be glad to help. Simply send an email to and we will help you ASAP.

How do I set up a new PetzInfo QR I.D. Tag?

How do I set up my New / Existing PetzInfo QR I.D. Tag?

Follow the steps below to set up your new or existing PetzInfo QR I.D. Tag:

  1. Log into / Sign up at and navigate to the “My Petz” section.
  2. If you HAVE NOT created a profile for your pet : 1. Click on the “+ NEW PET” button to add the pet you wish to apply your QR I.D. Tag to. 2. Locate the section called “Attach a QR ID Tag to this pet” . 3. Enter your unique 5 digit code (see supplied QR I.D. code card).4. Finally, click on “Add Pet” .
  3. If you HAVE already created a profile for your pet : 1. Navigate to your pets page by clicking on your pets name. 2. On your pets page, click on the “QR ID Tag” tab. 3. Simply enter your unique 5 digit QR I.D. code (see supplied QR I.D. code card). 4. Click on “Attach”.
  4. Test your QR I.D. Tag with any smartphone or tablet using any QR I.D. code scanner & you’re all set!!
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Where can I find my unique 5 digit QR code?

Your unique 5 digit QR code can be found in 2 places as shown below:

  1. When you received your PetzInfo QR I.D. Tag it came in a tri-fold instruction booklet. Your QR code can be found inside this instruction booklet on  a label at the bottom of "Step 2".
  2. You can see your 5 digit QR code on the back of your QR I.D. Tag. See image below:
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