About Us

Who are the creative minds behind PetzInfo and why was it created?

The PetzInfo team is made up of pet owners who found that we simply didn’t have the tools we needed to properly care for our pets. So we created them! Our team of engineers, designers and artists are working around the clock to bring revolutionary tools to you that will free you up to spend less time worrying about your pets and more time loving them!

What is PetzInfo?

PetzInfo is so much! Imagine digital record storage PLUS an Amber Alert System for pets! PetzInfo is also a social network for pet owners. You can create unlimited, free pet profiles. You can share stories and pet care information with other pet owners. You can store all you pet’s records and information digitally. You can find and locate lost pets. You can buy and sell pet related items. Plus so much more! Best of all, we supply the essential tools for FREE! No credit card or payment information required. Plus, we’re adding new features all the time. Visit www.PetzInfo.com to see more!

Where does PetzInfo operate and is it available world wide?

PetzInfo is based out of Simi Valley, CA which is a suburb of Los Angeles. Our services are focused for the USA only but we are planning to expand to go International. At the moment our website can be accessed anywhere in the world, however, it is only in English for the time being. Should you want to use our system overseas feel free to sign up and create your pet profiles and save your records at anytime. If you would like a QR ID Tag to be shipped to you overseas please contact us at info@petzinfo.com and send us a request, we will set up a special order and get the products out to you ASAP.

What pet care tools do we offer?

PetzInfo provides a variety of tools for the everyday pet owner. Our tools were designed to help you take better care of your pets. They are easy to use and we are dedicated to building new tools every day. Our business model allows us to give the essential tools to our users absolutely FREE! We also offer premium tools at a very low cost.

The tools we provide are:

PetzInfo QR ID Tags: Our QR ID Tags are the next generation in identification tags. With a scan from any smartphone, the user will be able to access the owner’s info, the pets info, veterinarian info, medical info & a quick & easy way to contact the owner. If your pet goes missing and their QR ID Tag is scanned, you’ll be notified immediately via email and a message on PetzInfo. Our QR ID Tags will help you get your pet home safe and fast. They are available right here in our shop. get yours today!!!

The PetzInfo Community: With our community you will interact with pet owners across the nation to get advice, find and locate lost pets, share stories, post pictures of you and your pets and more!!

Petz Profiles: Keep track of all of your pets separately. They will each enjoy their very own profile to keep track of records, set alerts, share media and more!

Petz Map: Post a listing for a lost or found pet, contact your entire community if your pet goes missing, help others find their pets and more!! Our Petz Map is the #1 interactive map for pets around.

Petz Community Alert: Our Petz Community Alert is our Pet Amber Alert system. Should you find or lose a pet simply create a lost or found pet listing via our Petz Map and let us alert your entire community.

Petz Forum: Ask a question, find an answer or sell a pet related service or product. On our petz forum you will have access to the entire PetzInfo community to find anything you’re searching for!!

Petz Alerts: Set an alarm to notify you or your pet’s medications or appointments. Leave it to us to remind you of those hard to remember tasks.

Petz Records: Clear out those filing cabinets! You can now store documents and receipts on PetzInfo, then sort, print, email, and access them any time you may need them, even on the go with a smartphone, tablet or computer. No storage limit!

Petz Resources (coming soon): Pet Resources is your one stop shop to find a trustworthy veterinarian, a local pet store, a pet sitter, a dog park and more! Read and leave reviews for all pet related services.


I don't see any of these tools on this website?

Dont worry! we have you covered. This is our shop so that our members can get extra protection for their pets (our QR I.D. Tags etc.). Simply navigate to www.PetzInfo.com and you will be on your way to protected your pet even further!!!