$ 19.99

  Our Standard QR ID Tags are anything but! With a simple scan from any smart phone or tablet your pet's entire PetzInfo profile will be available for viewing. It will display Owner's information, Vetinarian information, pictures, notes and much more!!!  Feel at ease knowing that if your pet goes missing, anyone who scans your pet's QR ID Tag will be able to report them as found, view all of the information on your pets profile, contact you, and you will be notified immediately with the finder's information.

  • 1.25" in diameter for those Medium to Large pets (Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, English Bulldogs etc.)
  • Made out of top quality stainless steel
  • Pet safe clear epoxy coating to stop your tag from getting damaged
  • An interactive profile for the finder to see all of your pets information
  • Be notified immediately when someone finds your pet
  • and More!!!


  • 1 Large PetzInfo QR I.D. Tag
  • 2 Clear Scratch Protectors
  • 1 Key Ring
  • A FREE account
  • Instructions to set up your new PetzInfo QR I.D. Tag
  • A Lifetime guarantee should your QR I.D. code become unusable